Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homemade Diets to Ensure Healthy Cats and Dogs

Making your pets food at home can help to ensure that you know what your pets are eating and that it is not contaminated. Remember all of the recalls back in 2007? So many animals got sick from contaminated food. I am still hearing about recalls often so it scares me to feed commercialized pet food. Also, most pet foods have additives that the pets really don't need.

If you can't make your pets food at home, I suggest that you stick with a high quality, grain free canned food. I can help you to choose brands that I trust. That is not a guarantee that they are perfect, but it is definitely a start. My own cat gets a combination of raw food and canned. My ultimate goal would be to feed only raw. However, I want her to get a variety of meats.

Watch Doctor Karen Becker's video of why you should feed homemade pet food.
If you decide to go that route, I am happy to help you find resources on how to do it properly.

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