Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adopting a rabbit: Choosing the right companion for your home!

As many of you know, I support the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign that encourages people not to buy rabbits for Easter. However, rabbits make great companions and are fantastic pets in the right home. There are many homeless rabbits at a shelter near you and they are ready to be adopted! Rabbit personalites vary widely and like any animal, there may be behavioral issues you have to deal with. Take your time at the shelter to choose the right rabbit for you. Shelters are happy to answer your questions and let you play with the rabbits to get a feel for what they are like. If you already have a rabbit and are looking for a buddy, many shelters let you bring your rabbit in for play dates so that they can choose their own friend.

If you know me personally, you have heard me talk about how cute, sweet, and intelligent my rabbit is. Hershey has been a faithful companion for almost 8 years and she constantly amazes me. However, it hasn't aways been easy. Everytime I move, I have to litter train her again. Even though I am careful to make sure cords are tucked away, I have still had a few destroyed. Somehow, my phone charger ended up on the floor once and by the time I found it, the cord was chewed in half. When I first got Hershey, I had to train her not to dig up carpet. Landlords usually frown upon this. Speaking of landlords...many apartment complexes classify rabbits as farm animals so it can be difficult to find a complex that will allow them. They are out there if you do your research. Sometimes you can get people to write a letter of reference for your rabbit and convince a complex to make an exception. These are just a few of the troubles I have had thoughout the years. For the most part, Hershey has been very easy and she is definitely worth it.

I would like to share a list of questions to ask the rescue to help you choose your furry friend:

-Is the rabbit shy or friendly?
-Can the rabbit get along with other pets?
-Does the rabbit get along with children?
-Does the rabbit like to be picked up and cuddled?
-Does the rabbit get frightened easily?
-How old is the rabbit?
-What is the lifespan of the particular breed?
-Has the rabbit had any health problems?
-Is the rabbit already litter trained?
-Do you know of any behavioral problems?
-Does the rabbit shed a lot?
-What diet is the rabbit currently on? (If the rabbit is used to eating mostly pellets, veggies will have to be slowly added in)

These are just a few questions to get you started. I am happy to answer any questions you may have to help you find the right pet for your home. For more tips about animals, funny videos, and other valuable information, please check out my Facebook page at


  1. I am so happy to see someone doing this. I am a pet rabbit owner/lover. They are work but I love him and want him to live a long happy life.

    Thanks for your blog.

  2. Great and informative blog entry!

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